Maternity Belt Full Suport Prenatal Cradle by It's You Babe

Agugu Baby

$49.99 USD $55.00 USD


The Prenatal Cradle is great for the active mom-to-be! This unique design gently lifts and supports the entire tummy with soft, flannel backed elastics. It will help you stay on your feet longer with safe and effective relief from the aches and pains often felt during pregnancy. It offers orthotic support for the abdomen and back and eases pain from hip separation and pubic Symphysis. It can be worn with regular lingerie and it’s practical with no need to remove for bathroom breaks. Purchase the proper size is essential to maximize effectiveness and comfort. Available in regular and tall sizes.

  • Extra Petite: Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 0-3; Support Band Measurement: 32-36″  81-91cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 90-125lbs
  • Petite: Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 3-6; Support Band Measurement: 34-40″  86-102cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 125-145lbs
  • Small: Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 7-10; Support Band Measurement: 36-42″  91-107cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 145-175lbs
  • Medium: Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 10-14; Support Band Measurement: 39-45″  99-114cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 175-200lbs
  • Medium/Large: Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 14-18; Support Band Measurement: 41-47″  104-119cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 200-250lbs



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