Maternity Belt Mini Cradle by It's you Babe

Agugu Baby

$22.99 USD $34.99 USD


The Mini Cradle is a premium maternity belt to complement every pregnant mom’s maternity wear collection. It’s the perfect maternity support garment for every mom-to-be. This pregnancy support belly band discretely fits under most maternity clothes. It will reduce pains during pregnancy and can be worn throughout all trimesters of pregnancy. Three sets of hook and eye closures on the support band allow the garment remain flexible at the point of closure and lay smooth and flat under clothing. It fits women 90-270 lbs in just 4 adjustable sizes. The mini cradle has a 3” adjustable orthotic support. It will support the abdomen and lower back and promote increased circulation from lower extremities.

  • Petite: Support Band Measurement:  25-37”  64-94cm; Current Pregnancy Weight:  90-135lbs; Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 0-5 
  • Small: Support Band Measurement: 31-43”  79-109cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 136-180lbs; Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 6-12
  • Medium: Support Band Measurement: 38-50”  97-127cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 181-225lbs; Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 13-18
  • Large: Support Band Measurement: 42-56”  107-142cm; Current Pregnancy Weight: 226-270lbs; Pre-Pregnancy Pant Size: 20-28

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